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  • James McPartland

A Leader Builds People

“Each man (is) the architect of his own fortune.”

– Appius Caecus, builder

In my work with CEO’s, business leaders, and corporate athletes, we dig deep to understand what it takes to align the potential of an organization with the potential inside each of the members of that group, team, or company.

In my new body of work titled “The High Performance Project”, people collaborate together and come to see that potential is only unlocked to the extent each team member takes personal responsibility for their own life, results, and future performance. It is impossible to change anybody, and a full time job to change ourselves. People hear what they see and our actions tell almost everything people need to know about us. The example we set – in developing our selves – is the key to both realizing our personal potential and ultimately igniting the spark in others who very much want the same for themselves.

A leader does not build a company, organization, of team. A leader builds people – and that ultimately builds their enterprise – and unlocks the power of potential that becomes culture, creed, and amazing results.

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