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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #21>

Access Point <It Is Vital To Know When Less Is More>

"Gathering the facts is often the result of great effort - while the truth tends to reveal itself effortlessly."

- James K. McPartland

There is great wisdom inherent in the phrase - "the truth shall set you free" - and for many of us this knowledge results from becoming absolutely clear about "who" we are and "why" we do what we do. Recently I released a mini book titled: "Your Life is Your Story, Your Story is Your Life" and inside I share how our behaviors are shaped by our beliefs. And, for some, those beliefs no longer serve the individual who holds them. We can put a tremendous amount of effort into proving a point, the validity of an argument, the accuracy of our statements, and in simply wanting to "be right". And while there may be circumstances that warrant this type of energy expenditure, we learn that what we argue for we get to keep. Even when the effort only has meaning to us - and even if there is an air of inauthenticity in the pursuit of accumulating and expressing the "facts".

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