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Access Point <Embrace The Messenger>

"Resist the temptation to kill the messenger - receive the message."

- James K. McPartland

We are surrounded by teachers, and each day they arrive to see if we have learned the lesson they have brought to us. Often, that "gift" shows up in the form of our own resistance, a conflict, a disagreement, or having an uneasy feeling about someone. When we react to avoid the discomfort -we move from presence to pretense- an inauthentic place for us to be. We no more can blame the mailman for delivering an overdue bill than we can blame the mirror for the reflection it provides to us. Acceptance is a key step to living a transformed life. The mental attitude of allowing people and things to be just as they are - and just as they are not - is a genuine sign that we have learned to rely on ourselves. When something or someone arrives that triggers you ask yourself two empowering questions:

+ What is good about this?

+ What else could this mean?

This process not only allows you to embrace the messenger, it provides empowering meanings and multiple life lessons that ultimately can be used as a force for good in your life. It is simple, although not easy.

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