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  • James McPartland

Love or Fear?

"Love can overcome fear. Love is about authenticity, generosity, and sacrifice. You can't be afraid of who you are, you can't run away from your own power. You have to embrace your strengths. You have to have the courage to open your "gifts". — James McPartland

We can't give away what we don't own — be that love, strength, courage, or truth.

The person we fear most is the person we must learn to love most, and that journey starts with the man or woman who looks back at us when we look in the mirror. Each of us has our own idealized version of our self, our future self. We are destined to be fit, financially secure, surrounded by friends and family, recognized for our contribution, experiencing life's precious moments, and seeing the world in a world-class way.

The good news is that we can bring about what we think about. All we need to do is love ourselves enough to reach for our potential, act with intention, learn from our setbacks, and sacrifice short-term pleasure so that each day we can live into the future we feared was only a dream.

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