• James McPartland

Access Point: Perspective Shift

“Sometimes it’s not the world around us that’s in need of the greatest change. We have on the wrong prescription lenses, and we are badly in need of a perspective shift.”

- James McPartland

We get what we look and listen for in the great game of life. At any point in time, we hold the power to create magical moments or miserable ones, by the expectations we project onto the world and the people around us. We believe we know what the outcome of a meeting, discussion, or an event will be before it even has taken place. And going into it with that projected notion, we are seldom disappointed. Our perspective is like a prescription lens-- look through the one you hold and you will only see life the way that those prescribed values are written.

Sometimes it’s not the world around us that’s in need of the greatest change. We have on the wrong prescription lens, and we are badly in need of a perspective shift.

When we recognize the power of this truth, we come to realize that we can use it as a force for good in our lives. We have an innate ability to create magical new experiences with the same people and develop deeper, and more meaningful relationships with those we were all too certain that we already knew everything there was to know.

When we believe that we need something or someone external of ourselves to behave a certain way, result in a specific outcome, or give us permission in order to enjoy our life, we have given away our power. Is there anything more frustrating than being powerless and miserable at the effect of someone else’s decisions or an outcome we never had control over to begin with?

When we come to accept responsibility for the quality of our experiences, for our responses to situations, for taking back our power, and for the overall the results of our life, we see that we have always had the ability to create magic no matter what anyone else says, does, or approves of. We can enjoy the great game of life and, in turn, teach this “magic trick” to all those that we care most about.

So let’s stop waiting for the world to change. Shift your perspective today and change the world from the inside out.


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