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  • James McPartland

Access Point: Vulnerability, The Naked Truth

"Vulnerability is the path to truth. As it is when we see the physician, diagnosis of the soul begins with a thorough examination, stripped-down, baring everything." — James McPartland

Access Point: Vulnerability, The Naked Truth | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

Sometimes the most difficult person to get to know is ourselves. And it is often the case that other people in our lives see us better than we can see ourselves. Put another way, we aren't fooling anyone with the masks we parade around in, except maybe ourselves. Being vulnerable and willing to learn who we truly are, liberates the pure energy we seek to attain in life and prevents the onset of an identity crisis.

When we discover that who we are is incongruent with who we want others to think we are, we find ourselves presented with an opportunity to close the gap, and the pathway to doing so is to be more vulnerable. Be as authentic, honest and real as you can be with every ounce of time you are given in the here and now.

Here's what vulnerability in action looks like: Regularly take the time to self-evaluate, and be willing to share your strengths and weaknesses with those you trust to listen and hold you to account. Walk this out with eager anticipation one day at a time, and see if you don't become closer and closer to the YOU you're meant to be. Each of us is born with a special gift, unique to us, and we've been given a single lifetime to share the treasure of ourselves with others. That gift inside of each of us is a key ingredient in the makeup of our authentic self and is an enormous part of who we are.

Over the course of our life, who we are, gives way to who we wind up being. When we work to close the gap between our current and future self, we experience freedom, truth, self-love, richer relationships, and fulfilling life experiences.

So I leave you with this simple reminder today, my friend: Be YOU. The real and raw, beautifully vulnerable, refreshingly honest YOU. Everyone else is already taken.


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