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  • James McPartland

Advancing Through the Fire of Personal Growth

"We hear only what we are ready to hear, as all learning meets us exactly where we are at. As we grow in understanding ourselves, we grow in understanding life" — James McPartland

Access Point: Advancing Through the Fire of Personal Growth | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

All the world is a mirror, as we get from life not necessarily what we want, but that which we are. Most people limit the world and all it has to offer by projecting their own limited vision onto it. We must resist the temptation to buy into this group membership.

When we develop the audacity to access the true depth and power of our potential, we discover this is a responsibility we have to ourselves. Einstein once said, "Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person".

When we neglect our power long enough, we come to believe we don't have any.

Fulfillment is the result of leveraging your greatest gifts, demonstrating the heroism required to profoundly impact people, and consistently doing what is courageous over what is easy. Personal growth will always demand that you advance through the fire of your fears, knowing that the “old you” must die before the best you can be born.

Each day we have a choice we must face: Either persist in the mastery of ourselves or succumb to the allure of starting over again tomorrow. The dark night of the soul challenges our fortitude on the never-ending road of personal transformation and seduces us to surrender to self-sabotage through those powerfully disempowering voices vying for our attention.

You can allow yourself to play small-- guided by those disempowering voices or the opinion of others, and become paralyzed by a fear of rejection. Or, you can go out there and astonish the world. However, you don't get to do both.

When faced with this choice day in and day out, choose the path that stretches and challenges you most. Your heart is wiser than your head, it knows what is possible for you. Follow it, trust it, and you will find your genius through the journey of personal growth.


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