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  • James McPartland

Honor All Feelings

"Any feelings suppressed will always become expressed, whether we want them to or not."

- James McPartland

People often associate living a successful high-performance life as being one with no worries or stress. However, everyone experiences thousands of feelings a day, both good and bad.

With this in mind, it’s important to allow ourselves to feel all those feelings. Any feelings that are suppressed will ultimately end up expressed, but never at a time that we want them to be. Have you ever seen someone lose it when they accidentally drop their coffee? Were they really upset they dropped their coffee? Probably, but also there were likely some other feelings deep down trying to make their way to the surface.

It’s crucial for us to express even the most difficult emotions when it is appropriate so that they don’t show up in other areas of our lives. Honor your feelings by allowing them to come and go.

Don’t suppress your emotions. Practice instead, moving through your feelings to get them out of the way.

Journal your emotions. Let people know where you stand. When someone asks you “how are you doing?” be honest with them.

By moving difficult emotions out of the way, it will give you a chance to move forward. That's what being impeccable with your word and living a model of integrity is all about.


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