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  • James McPartland

New to Leadership? Here’s the Greatest Way to Impact Your Team

"Being clear on our expectations helps alleviate miscommunication and helps us be responsible to our workplace." — James McPartland

Access Point: A Leader Builds People| Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

Have you recently been promoted to a new leadership position and hope to make a big impact on your team? Have you been a leader for a long time, but maybe you’ve noticed there is a lot of miscommunication within your team?

I have one word for you, expectations.

It sounds simple, but the most common issues we find companies and leaders face stem back to miscommunication on expectations in the workplace.

Miscommunication can be solved by being clear and concise when communicating expectations.

Want to make a big impact on your team? Here is an exercise to go over to help clarify the expectations of your company, your staff, and most importantly, yourself.

  • What expectations have been placed upon you in this position?

  • How is your performance measured and how does the company provide feedback?

  • What expectations do you have of those now in your care and in your charge?

  • What expectations does my team have for me? Which of these do I agree too?

  • What expectations do I have of myself?

  • How do we keep score?

As much as we can communicate verbally what our expectations are, the most important thing we can remember is people hear what they see.

There are different communication styles in the workplace, as a leader let your example be stronger than any form of communication you deliver.


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