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  • James McPartland

The Key To Unlocking Your Greatest Potential

"Our external reality stems from what we carry in our minds."

— James McPartland

In scriptwriting a writer always starts by creating an outline, beginning with the end in mind.

Once they have this in place, the next step is to craft the narrative that will bring them the ending they have already designed.

This is often how we operate in our daily lives.

Our imaginations serve to create a story about the world around us, and as a result, we head into each day looking for means to justify those stories. When we do this, we begin to make excuses for why we cannot pursue something, blaming external conditions.

The result? We feel stuck because we’ve created a narrative that supports our excuse.

“I can’t pursue _____ because _____.”

“I will never become _____ because _____.”

It happens to all of us.

So how do we stop holding ourselves back from going after the things we really want?

Go back to the writer's room, and rewrite your ending.

This means serious editing at regular intervals. And to modify a disempowering story, you have to first identify it.

And to do that, you must first ask yourself the following question:

“What stories do I tell myself that perhaps I need to now consider are the very roadblocks getting in the way of what I really want?”

In other words, where are we getting in our own way?

Only after confronting and answering this question, can we generate a story that will take us where we want to go.

The main character of any narrative will only go as far as the story will take them. We are not just the authors of our stories but the star of the show. We will act according to what we have scripted for ourselves.

So my friends, let’s design with the end in mind, and rewrite the script to both act and be the person we want to become.


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