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  • James McPartland

The Quickest Way to a Fulfilled Life

"If deep down in your heart you want to be happy, go ahead."

— James McPartland

“If I get that promotion, then my life will change.”

“If I make this amount of money, then I won’t be as stressed.”

When we make these kinds of statements we link our levels of satisfaction to events that are outside of our control. This can cause us to have a build-up of stress because we have given our power away to a future scenario instead of focusing on the here and now.

“I’ll call that person after I get lunch.”

“I’m going to get to it once I get through these emails.”

“I’ll finish that once I grab my cup of coffee.”

Sound familiar? We often go throughout our days spending majoring in the minors instead of majoring in the majors. We confuse activity with accomplishment. Unfortunately, we will never have enough logs to put on that fire to attain true fulfillment.

So how do we take our power back?

We choose to own our day.

We need to allocate our time to the major things. We have to look at it as not about “if… then, but instead, ask “What now?

Because now is the only time we have.

Being truly responsible for living a fulfilled life means getting out of the mindset “If this happens, then I will be happy”. We must decide to be happy right here, right now.

So my friend, what’s going to fill your tank today?

Great. Go out and do that.


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