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Known as a leader to leaders, James is a trusted advisor in the world of personal development, corporate culture, and peak performance.


James “Mac” McPartland is a MindShift & Performance Coach, author, and keynote speaker. He is the Founder of a training and consulting organization, helping leaders and their teams access breakthrough performance to elevate business results. A long-time student of the science of achievement, James has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to sustainably generate greater success, inspire innovation, and accelerate growth. He has worked with CEOs and executives in such companies as Bank of America, IBM, Nespresso, Kellogg’s, Dow Chemical, Athletes First, and 24 Hour Fitness to transform their organizational cultures into ones of enthusiastic dedication, aligned collaboration, peak performance, and exceptional accomplishment.

James is himself an experienced CEO. As founder and president of the fitness equipment manufacturer Star Trac, he led the company to grow from $1M in sales to nearly $200M, distributing to more than 70 countries.

James is the author of the critically acclaimed Unopened Gifts ®, a non-traditional business novel series aimed at helping leaders recognize how their personal issues and style contribute to their business's challenges and how to change them. Each book in the series focuses on a relatable growth principle and is designed to open the readers’ eyes to the gifts around and within all of us that lead to a higher performing life. James was also the host of the Unopened Gifts Show on HAVitTV, featuring guests such as Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar and President of Athletes First Sports Agency Brian Murphy. 

Also an endurance athlete, James has recorded 9 Ironman finishes, 40 marathons, and competed in 13 races in one year. His passion for sports and fitness has led him to work with professional athletes and teams in the areas of personal development, organizational improvement, and helping them elevate their daily performance, both on and off the field. He also prepares transitioning athletes for continued success post-career.

Since 2004, McPartland has dedicated his life to authoring, speaking, and coaching leaders on the keys to unlocking inherent potential. By transforming the players, he’s been changing the game within organizations.

James McPartland is proud to work with some of the world's leading businesses and organizations.

McPartland's courageous journey to the heart of the American businessman should make us all look more closely at why we do what we do.

—  Olympic Gold Medalist, Peter Vidmar


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