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Original series hosted by James McPartland. Influencing leadership around the ideas of using one’s greatest talents to unlock the genius in themselves and their organizations.

TV Show Episodes

Tue "John" Nguyen: Perspective

Going blind THEN creating a premiere travel agency. That's exactly what Tue (John) Nguyen did. Learn the process of overcoming adversity and thriving.

Brian Murphy: Humility

NFL agent and President of Athletes First Brian Murphy shares how his life's lessons have led to the creation of  the largest NFL Agency in the USA.

Peter Vidmar: Time & Emotional Management

James McPartland talks with Gold Medal Winning Olympian Peter Vidmar about how Time & Emotional Management deliver him to a gold medal every day.

Steve Bilt: Leadership & Vision

James McPartland talks with SmileBrands CEO Steve Bilt about his gifts of leadership and vision - and having the courage to use those gifts to reach his dreams.

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