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Transform the Players. Change the Game.

Organizations don’t get stuck, people do . . .  You can’t grow a company without progressing its people.

This premise is reflected in James’s approach, which lies at the intersection of personal growth, business strategy, and organizational culture. Recognizing that enduring change is led from the top, he begins his work with the CEOs and helps them to:

  • See how their underlying beliefs may be resulting in behaviors that add to the business’s challenges

  • Identify exactly which beliefs need to be challenged in order to move forward

  • Re-define the business objectives to create an aligned sense of focus in their leadership teams

  • Elevate corporate culture, team synergy, and organizational trust

Inherent in this work is shaping a culture of empowerment and responsibility, where team members are encouraged to take ownership, pursue their individual gifts, and connect with their larger purpose. Starting from the top down, James works with each member to access inherent potential and ensure the alignment of personal development and professional goals, optimizing the contribution of each player. Over time, this leads to peak efficiency, drives growth, and inevitably produces an innovative, industry-leading organization.

James McPartland's approach is not a consult for a specific business problem, but a toolkit for changing the game by first changing the players, thereby accessing sustainable breakthrough performance and results!


I've always been impressed by McPartland's commitment to both personal and business development. Not only does he have a track record of building global business, he has also found a way to add immense value to people who might already be considered successful in their own lives.

—  IBM Vice President, William Donahue

James McPartland's Approach to Corporate Training: Top-Down, Bottom-Up Solution



Learn more about our step-by-step approach to working with CEOs and their leadership teams.


Watch the 3-part training series below to learn more about James McPartland's Top-Down, Bottom-Up Solution. Gain a new sense of clarity on what building a high-performance culture really entails!

To learn more about our Top-Down, Bottom-Up Solution, send us a message!

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