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Discover your gifts. Access your full potential. Transform your life.

Unopened Gifts ® is a non-traditional business novel series, aimed at helping leaders recognize how their personal issues and style contribute to their business's challenges and how to change them. The series is loosely based on occurrences of McPartland's own life, demonstrated through the experiences of a fictional character Kyle Fitzpatrick, the CEO of a rising bicycle manufacturing company.


Each book focuses on a specific leadership behavior that can significantly impact performance. The first book in the series addresses the growth challenges of Kyle's interpersonal relationships. The second book tackles the issues of communication and relationships in the workplace, as Kyle faces the many challenges of acquiring a company while working to sustain a leadership position in a highly competitive market.

The underlying premise of this series is that when a leader and each member of their team is able to recognize and put to use their own gifts - that which they do best - both the individual and organization can begin to thrive. Each book in the series centers around a relatable growth principle and is designed to help us unlock greater depths of our potential, while opening our eyes to the unopened gifts around and within all of us.

Unopened Gifts Book 1 by James McPartland

BOOK I: A Journey to Gratitude

In A Journey to Gratitude, Kyle is a business executive at the pinnacle of success who is forever in pursuit of the brass ring. But as far as the rest of his life is concerned, everything is falling apart.  His pursuit has locked him in a bitter emotional prison of envy for the successes of others, while internally raging over the personal failures caused by his workaholic life. And if he doesn’t find a way to change things, he risks losing everything - his family, health, relationships, integrity, even the business itself.

Kyle soon begins the journey of self-discovery and the story that unfolds is a compelling one. Through the relationships of Kyle’s personal life, he comes to understand that rather than chasing after the ever-eluding ideas of what success should look like, true success lies in the practice of gratitude and contentment with what one already has.

Unopened Gifts Book 2 by James McPartland

BOOK II: It's All About the People

In It’s All About the People, Kyle’s transformative journey continues as he seeks to apply his newfound understanding to the relationships he must nurture in the workplace.  With the help of a MindShift & Performance Coach, he begins to navigate the complex and versatile communication processes required for each individual on his leadership team.  He comes to learn invaluable lessons about relationships and communication, discovering what it truly means to lead by example. 

We witness Kyle achieve breakthrough as he strives to develop himself personally and professionally, honor his word, equip his team, and sustain his company’s leading position.

This story is a gift as we can often take for granted the amazing things we already possess. I was touched by the story and appreciated Jame's ability to share a powerful message we can apply to our own lives.

Jon Gordon, Best-selling Author of The Energy Bus

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and for me it came through this powerful book. It awakes you to the true meaning of the word 'success' and raises the bar for which you will want to live your life. Take the time and open this gift today!

Kyle Wilson, Founder, Jim Rohn Intl.

A must read for the high performance growth mindset.

Steven Renata, CEO, KIWA Digital

I recognized the main character, and his journey made me take stock of the many gifts I now see surrounding me. A very compelling story with great take home value.

Timothy J. Ballard, President, Buchanan Street Partners

If you invest the time to read this book, to find your own way to recognize the unopened gifts in your life, you will gain more than you ever imagined.

Buddy Teaster, President, Souls4Souls

Through the experiences of 'Kyle', James has woven a story that is relevant to executives, managers, and leaders of all levels.

Mario Depasqualle, VP, Goldman Sachs

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