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BOOK I of Unopened Gifts ®, a non-traditional business novel series by James McPartland, aimed at helping leaders recognize how their current behaviors may be adding to their business's challenges and how to change them.


The underlying message is that when a leader and each member of their team is able to put to use their own gifts — that which they do best — the organization can begin to thrive.

Unopened Gifts: A Journey To Gratitude

  • In A Journey to Gratitude, Kyle is a business executive at the pinnacle of success who is forever in pursuit of the brass ring. But as far as the rest of his life is concerned, everything is falling apart.  His pursuit has locked him in a bitter emotional prison of envy for the successes of others, while internally raging over the personal failures caused by his workaholic life. And if he doesn’t find a way to change things, he risks losing everything - his family, health, relationships, integrity, even the business itself.


    Kyle soon begins the journey of self-discovery and the story that unfolds is a compelling one. Through the relationships of Kyle’s personal life, he comes to understand that rather than chasing after the ever-eluding ideas of what success should look like, true success lies in the practice of gratitude and contentment with what one already has.

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