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BOOK II of Unopened Gifts ®, a non-traditional business novel series by James McPartland, aimed at helping leaders recognize how their current behaviors may be adding to their business's challenges and how to change them.


The underlying message is that when a leader and each member of their team is able to put to use their own gifts — that which they do best — the organization can begin to thrive.

Unopened Gifts II: It's All About the People

  • In It’s All About the People, Kyle’s transformative journey continues as he seeks to apply his newfound understanding to the relationships he must nurture in the workplace.  With the help of an executive coach, he begins to navigate the complex and versatile communication processes required for each individual on his leadership team.  He comes to learn invaluable lessons about relationships and communication, discovering what it truly means to lead by example.


    We witness Kyle achieve breakthrough as he strives to develop himself personally and professionally, honor his word, equip his team, and sustain his company’s leading position.

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