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Meet Your Coach, James

I was told I would never amount to anything. I set out to prove my critics wrong, but at the height of running a $200M company, I felt a nagging void and I wondered, “What if they were right about me?”

My marriage was falling apart, I had financial problems, and I lacked any kind of a grounded life. I kept my team up late and drove them back at it in the morning. It wasn’t unusual to meet the spouses of my team and have them snarl at me…

I was that guy.

It wasn’t until I met a group of CEOs who called me on my BS that I realized I needed to change. These mentors had cracked the code on creating both business and family success: “Get clear on what you want, put the right scoreboard in place, then use it as a compass to navigate your path forward.”

I now practice this daily, helping other CEOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs work through their own personal roadblocks to attain the results they want to see come about in life and business.

"Setting a goal is not nearly as important as
mastering the habits that will bring it to life."

— James McPartland



Sheldon Wolitski

 Former CEO, Founder & Chairman

The Select Group

“James McPartland has been a huge contributor to our growth as an organization and in effect, a component in affecting revenue, profitability and stockholder value.  He is the best coach I’ve ever worked with, and has transformed the lives of everyone on my team.”


Kristina Jenkins

Cultural Strategist,

Cashmere Advertising Agency

“I'm incredibly grateful for Mac, his team, and this community. It has really helped me in so many ways. Mac and the coaching work we did together was instrumental in me reaching this point of my journey.”


Jimmy Freeman

Co-CEO, Blue Sky

“I was skeptical at first about working with James.  Was it really worth the investment?  What kind of results could I really expect? We took the leap, and he now works with a large group of our leadership team.

I can tell you the investment

is worth it.”


“Through the coaching of Mac I've certainly come to know myself better. I'm able to understand why I feel or react a certain way. And by recognizing that and accepting myself, I found that I have the freedom now to strive to improve myself and make a better life for myself and those I care about.”


Bishop Reid

Mindfulness Facilitator & Coach 

“Everything I wrote down in April in our group coaching call with Mac came true despite everything that's going on externally, with every single detail!”


James McPartland | Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach