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Now is our "be better" moment

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Moments of Impact

An online international community that began at the start of the pandemic, and now continues because of the values shared and experienced by its participants.  Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the world come together to gain insight from various industry professionals on how to thrive through the challenges our changing world has brought about.  


These online conversations are FREE for our attendees, covering a variety of life and business topics highly applicable for today’s rapidly changing world.  If you're looking for an hour to schedule in a time where you come and get your tank filled, this is it!


We Invite

During each session, we are joined by some of the most insightful, inspiring, and experienced leaders around.  Our guest list has included CEOs, former pro athletes, leadership experts, sports agents, and critically acclaimed authors who speak openly of their journeys and challenges in the ever-changing world we all find ourselves in.  Our online discussions provide a platform for engagement and discussion, providing an opportunity to share tips on how we can all chase the impact we desire.

Get an insider peek at these interviews by clicking on any of the video links below!

Meet Your Host

Our live events are hosted by MindShift coach, James “Mac” McPartland. He is the author of the Unopened Gifts series, and coach to CEOs and founding members of companies willing to look for the solutions within themselves, placing a compass in their hands to help navigate what’s next for leaders and their teams.

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From Story to Action

Having spoken at events worldwide for the past 25 years (and these days, virtually), Mac is committed to delivering specific, actionable strategies to impact today’s high-performing professional, bringing a wealth of knowledge from his own background and experience as a successful former CEO of the fitness manufacturing company, Star Trac. Mac blends a power delivery style with a gift for storytelling and connecting with audiences in a way that will move them to action.

Our Recent Events

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Moments of (1) (1).png

Now is our "be better" moment

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