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  • James McPartland

Go Out And DO

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.”

– Michael Landon, 1936-1991, Actor

Whenever I begin to coach a new group of CEO’s, or even when I am doing a keynote or group workshop, I always ask clients to fill in their own “scoreboard”. This exercise essentially freezes time, and lists the activities that comprise one’s aggregate use of time – week in and week out. From there, we rate and prioritize each segment, further amplifying results when contrasted with goals or intentions.

Invariably, the conversation shifts to focus on what may be getting in the way of a person doing some of the things they truly want to do in life. It seems all of us believe that there is still plenty of time available to get to certain things. And while our own life history would illustrate that there are plenty of days to look forward to, we never really know how much time we have left.

Last November, my brother passed away within one hour of me picking him up at the airport. A long Thanksgiving reunion and vacation was the plan, but his time had expired. So while it is vital to be responsible, it is irresponsible not to use your “gifts” in a way that guides you on a path to fulfill your dreams and “life assignment”…

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