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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #42>

Access Point <Did You Leave Your Gift?>

"The giver of gifts is not known for what he accumulates - only for what he allocates."

- James K. McPartland

What we get in life may be important, yet who we become is far more important as that can never be taken from us. We cannot give away what we do not own, however, we don't get to keep it unless we give it away. Giving is an architectural design for powerful living. Knowing that you possess great gifts, those placed inside of you prior to birth, an inspiring goal is to see how far you can go in distributing them.

How many people have you positively influenced? Who is better at the game of life because of their association with you? Are you leading the type of life that people want to emulate? Is the world a little bit better because you are a part of it?

Like the water that sits in a reservoir, our energy will become toxic without movement toward new bodies of water. Flow, currency, energy, and vitality are available to us when we give our gifts to others. In turn, our gifts multiply as we make room for new experiences, opportunities, lessons, and possibility. This dynamic opens up a whole new world for us to influence, and we get to repeat the cycle as often as we choose to. We all have access to the hammer that leaves a dent in the universe, it is inside the "present" moment when we experience the power of giving.


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