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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #75>

Access Point <The Blame Game>

“Blame inspired drama is an ill fated attempt to gain attention, elicit sympathy, and direct energy away from us and onto someone or something else. It’s like cursing the mailman for the bills he delivers to our mailbox."

- James K. McPartland

Accepting personal responsibility for all that happens to us can be a quite difficult "way of being" to adapt to. Surely we did not cause the “accident” that damaged our car, our body, or even one of our important relationships...Right?

Life is busy, people are busy being busy, and stuff happens...Right? The answer is yes - if you say so. The reality is that with this amount of busyness, unless we are intentional about our journey, something is going to bump into us. We all have blind spots and blind spots can blindside us if we do not take responsibility for who we are being each and every day.

Avoid the blame game - unless you blame yourself for not taking responsibility for all that happens in your life. Someone might say to me “I did not cause the hurricane that did all that damage, how am I responsible?” I respond to them in the same manner i respond to myself - we can be responsible to help, bring food or water, send money and clothes, help rebuild homes, or take someone into our own residence. Being responsible allows us to hold on to our power, not give it to someone or to some event that leaves us a victim. The next time you see the drama vortex spinning into your direction, take flight. If we don’t feed those dis-empowering emotions, they lose their energy. Energy is one of our most valuable and limited natural human resources.

Preserve and invest your resources where they will fuel your mind, body, and spirit. Creating an amazing life requires an amazing psychology and inspiring way of being. Finally, next time you see the mailman, thank him for what he does for you and for the community. You will undoubtedly surprise him.

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