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  • James McPartland



"Presence is the art of showing up like you are supposed to be there."

James K. McPartland

More often than not we arrive at our intended destination, conduct a telephone conversation, participate in a meeting, and make important decisions in spite of being distracted. Autopilot gets us through a workout, reading or writing an email, interviewing a candidate, eating a meal, and spending time with our family. We are in survival mode and have become accustomed to feeling special only when we engage with our cell phone. Our phone is the world's smallest slot machine and we are constantly checking to see if our lucky number has come up - the one that validates our worth.

Presence, like any thing we master takes practice. Why not start the new year with a commitment to show up like you are supposed to be there? Presence is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself and to others.

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