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  • James McPartland

Access Point: Feedback

"The results we get in life and business can be a decisive form of feedback. They often reveal what we are truly committed to." — James McPartland

If I wanted to be responsible for my life, I'd look at the outcomes I'm getting in things like my relationships, my career path, my savings account, and my health. When I look at the results I'm responsible for having generated in these areas, I open myself up to the greatest opportunity for discovery and growth.

When we aren't happy with the results we're getting, we should regard every interaction as an opportunity to learn and gain feedback. If a work or personal relationship has gone awry, or we aren't satisfied with the outcome we are getting from a particular team member at the office, it's an indication we may be committed to that chaos more than we're committed to the relationship.

Let’s remember to pause, take in the feedback coming in from around us, and ask ourselves: If I don't want this kind of result, where might I need to reprioritize my commitments?

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