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  • James McPartland

Access Point: Instinct

"You know before you think you know… Follow your instincts."

— James McPartland

Pay attention to the messages you receive from yourself as there is an evolutionary connection between your brain and your gut. We have all had that "gut feeling" before, either when we’ve met someone for the first time or have been advised to "trust our instinct" when making an important decision.

Our brain and gut are connected by a network of neurons, chemicals, and hormones that provide us with messages all day long. We hear them in our head, feel them in our stomach, and can often distinguish them in our hearts.

One method I use to exercise my instinct is something I refer to as "calling the front desk". Similar to the flashing light on the phone in your hotel room, there is a signal if we are observant and pay attention. By taking quiet time each day to think, journal, or meditate, I conclude that block of time with a question: "Is there a message for me?" In my experience, there is always a "flashing light" with a message waiting for me. I accept that whatever it is, it is. And I have come to recognize that whatever it is must be acted upon.

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