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  • James McPartland

A Leader Builds People

"You don't grow businesses, you grow people."

— James McPartland

Access Point: A Leader Builds People| Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

In my work with CEOs, business leaders, and professional athletes, we dig deep to understand what it takes to align the potential of an organization with the potential inside each member of that group, team, or company.

When we collaborate together, we come to see that potential is only unlocked to the extent that each team member takes personal responsibility for their own life, results, and performance. And people “hear” what they see, as our actions tell others almost everything they need to know about us.

And then there is this truth: It is impossible to change other people, and a full-time job to change ourselves.

As you seek to build up those around you, start with the foundation of YOU. Regularly evaluate how you live, how you engage, how you lead. The change you want to see in those you lead starts with YOU. The example we set in developing ourselves is the key to realizing first and foremost, our own personal potential, and from there, igniting the spark in others who very much want the same for themselves.

A leader does not build a company, organization, business, or team. A leader builds people – and that consistent action is what ultimately builds the enterprise, unlocking the power of potential and opening the door to improved culture, a common creed, and amazing results.

So as our economy begins to re-open, whether remotely or in-person (as we slowly are able to gather again), continue to invest in the development of yourself and your people. Focus on that, and the business growth will follow.


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