• James McPartland

Access Point: Conversations of the Mind

“The quality of a conversation determines the quality of the relationship.”

- James McPartland

Have you ever been to that same, different meeting? The one you have with yourself time and again as it plays over in your mind like a broken record?

Our lives rise and fall inside of our conversations, all of which are led by the daily conversations we have with ourselves. Dialogue and communication is the lifeblood of our most important relationships, none more important than the one we have with ourselves.

The quality of a conversation determines the quality of the relationship. The issues in my life are rarely about another person; they are almost always about me. We must come to realize that all of our conversations are with ourselves, even when other people are present.

That said, we are wise to pay attention to the conversations of our minds, as we arrive at the situations in our lives, one conversation at a time. How we speak to ourselves holds the power to deteriorate our relationship with ourselves, which almost always extends to how we relate to others.

As Ernest Hemingway once wrote in The Sun Also Rises…. “How did you go bankrupt?... Gradually, then suddenly”, so it goes with the condition of our souls. How do we go bankrupt? By conversing with ourselves in unhealthy ways. The quality of our conversations will deteriorate gradually, then suddenly, if we are not intentional and attentive toward how we dialogue with ourselves.

So maintain a positive dialogue with yourselves, friends-- today and every day. Enjoy yourself! May today’s conversations empower and inspire you to greater heights tomorrow.

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