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  • James McPartland

Access Point: Earn It

“Success is a results contest. We have to get out there day by day and earn it as if yesterday never happened and tomorrow may never come!” — James McPartland

Access Point: Earn It | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

In the event of an airplane crash, we would not stop to give recognition to air traffic controllers for yesterday's safe landings. The focus would be on what happened today.

While we should celebrate our victories, every tomorrow is a new day.

Ever notice how championship teams find it enormously difficult to repeat last season's triumphs? How is it that sometimes the hottest restaurant in town goes out of business virtually overnight?

History is littered with one-hit wonders in technology, music, sports, and entertainment. We have all seen those star employees who feel that their past accomplishments entitle them to special treatment, despite their less-than-stellar current performance. But this my friends, is not how success works.

The business we want, and the customers that we intend to keep, require a renewed, daily focus. Success is a results contest, and results must be earned on a day by day basis.

Have a daily meeting with yourself and consider these questions...

  • Am I exceeding my client's expectations?

  • Am I excelling as a leader?

  • Do I make my family proud?

  • Am I the type of friend that I would like to have?

  • Does my presence make an impact?

  • Would my absence make a difference?

Each of us has the chance to earn success every day. Who knows how many days we have left in this great game of life? So let's get out there and earn it as if yesterday never happened and tomorrow may never come!


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