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  • James McPartland

Access Point: Price to Pay

"There is a price we pay when we don't pay attention."

— James McPartland

Access Point: Price to Pay | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

Many of us are addicted to distraction and engulfed in a myriad of choices that are competing for our attention. Cultivating meaningful personal and professional relationships, playing with our children, making important business decisions, experiencing great food, enjoying music, or simply appreciating the beauty of the day passes us by when we are busy being busy.

While it is difficult to be in the present moment, thinking about what we are thinking about creates a level of self-awareness. Of the approaches to accessing meaningful blocks of time in the present moment, gratitude comes to the top of the list. It is impossible to be truly grateful and also disconnected from the moment. Additionally, it is far easier to pay attention when in service to others as compared to when we are looking out only for ourselves.

We invest in many things to play the game of life. However, investing time in ourselves may be the most significant investment we can make. A day is our life in miniature. Days become weeks, weeks turn to months, and months become years. Before we know it, another birthday has come and gone. We pay to play the game of life and the ultimate return on that investment comes when we deliberately and intentionally pay attention.


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