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  • James McPartland

Access Point: Pure Energy

"Think strategically about where you place your energy… Every battle is won long before it is fought."

— James McPartland

I view energy as a renewable resource. Consider a tray of ice cubes holding 12 small blocks of ice. Each morning we receive a fresh tray, and we get to choose where to place each one of these frozen energy blocks throughout the course of our day. Without a deliberate focus on where we place our energy (effort, attention), it gets dispersed into random acts of distraction (i.e. gossip, social media, handling emails). Our energy blocks can either water the garden of creativity and productivity, or they can form a pool in which we tread water (just surviving the day), establish puddles of procrastination, or simply evaporate.

Each night we are afforded the opportunity to fill the tray with water and place it back into the freezer to be ready for the next day. The purity of the water in each of the cube spaces is impacted by of our food, exercise, sleep, stress, alcohol, toxic people and conversations, and intention. Further, if not given ample to time to crystalize, the ice will be incomplete and weak, leaving low levels of energy (at best) to whatever we attempt to focus on. How can we give our best if we are not at our best? Energy that has not been maximized for high priorities will inevitably be drained by low priorities.

It is well worth noting that we can raise our energy levels, essentially maximizing the purity of the water molecules. Practicing the principles outlined below will not only energize you, they will energize your family, friends, co-workers, employees, and the important members of your community.

Pure Energy Principles:

1. Integrity - Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it, and in the manner you know it needs to be done.

2. Responsibility - Be fully accountable for all the circumstances of your life, never placing blame, and maintaining cause and control inside of yourself.

3. Courageous Conversations - Say what is true for you and be the type of person to whom others can safely express themselves with authenticity and candor.

4. Transitions - Stay mindful of the quality of your energy as you move from meeting to meeting, call to call, person to person, and from work to family.

5. Self Care - Be intentional about nutrition, sleep, exercise, education, family, friends, and mindfulness.

Being strategic about how we nurture our energy positions us to be and give our best. Practicing these pure energy principles can equip us to win any battle - long before it is fought.


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