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  • James McPartland

Access Point: Are you willing to become willing?

"We are limited or set free by the questions we ask, the knowledge we choose to embrace, and our level of willingness to keep an open mind and heart." — James McPartland

Are you willing to become willing? | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

We have the freedom to place our awareness on anything we choose and this, in and of itself, is an enormous source of power and potential. Wherever we put our attention and focus our thoughts, that is what becomes our reality. Our external environment is the material representation of how we have been thinking, and thus, is an extension of our mind.

We are surrounded by a field of infinite possibilities, so instead of searching for answers, allow yourself to stay "inside of the question". The 5% of our mind that is conscious is up against the 95% that is the habitual subconscious mind. Be open and willing to have a new experience and take a different perspective... be it of a person, an event, a life lesson, or anything else that is available to you. Such a state of willingness may require you to unlearn a few things. Make room, and you just might discover amazing opportunities that have been there all along.


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