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  • James McPartland

Be Courageous. Have the Conversation

“If you don't have a conversation, you don't even have a chance.”

- James McPartland

Be Courageous. Have the Conversation | James McPartland's Blog

For a relationship to be great, there has to be consistent communication. What I've learned is that if you don't have a conversation, you don't even have a chance.

Of all the activities in our life, the only place we have any real form of control or dominion is in the words we use. Everything arises out of language. I’ve often said that words build families. Well, words can also build businesses, destroy families, destroy businesses, and create possibilities.

So, how do you speak to yourself? How do you inspire other people? How do you look for the good inside of individuals?

The power and strength we have is in the language that we responsibly use to engage others, and ourselves to build into the future-- into our future selves, future teams, future companies.

Because if all things arise in language, we would do well to ensure our language is translating and

transferring and that the meaning of communication lands for others.

We can pause and ask ourselves, “What is the response I’m getting?” Are people acknowledging that our intended message has come through? The most important thing is to have the courageous conversation (first and foremost with ourselves), and be willing to stay with it with the other individual to make sure that our message lands and that their message is received. Even if there are two points of view, having the conversation enables us to at least come to understand where the other person is.

One of the basic core human needs of an individual is to be understood. If nothing else, we may disagree, but at least we understand each other, we’ve built a powerful relationship, and that's what being personally responsible for our part in the relationship looks like.


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