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  • James McPartland

Do you know your truth?

"We all want to go somewhere. And in unique ways, for different reasons, we're not there now. We're somewhere else..."— James McPartland

Access Point: Courageous Conversations | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

Let's talk truth for a minute...

I'm not talking about the kind of truth some might say is subjective, but the truths most humans on earth align themselves to -- like gravity.

Or the fact that if you are not at the right airport gate when your plane is scheduled to depart-- you're not going to make that flight. 😆

So here's some truth:

We all want to go places in life. And what we have in common, is that in order to go anywhere, we all have to first depart from somewhere. And each of our desired destinations are as unique as our starting points.

Yet without enough awareness of our current place in life, how in the world are we supposed to really know where we want to go?

In other words-- are you positioned at the right departure gate for your flight to Paris?

Or are you standing in a completely different terminal headed for a whole other continent?!

All progress in life begins with the TRUTH.

Set your goals, yes- shoot for the stars! But also, know where you are in the here and now. Be truthful with yourself about your mental and emotional state, your coping skills, the health of your relationships, your financial status, and your willingness to be corrected or make changes where needed.

We all want to go somewhere. And in unique ways, for different reasons, we're not there now. We're somewhere else.

So to get to the TRUTH, ask yourself these four questions:

👉 WHERE are YOU?

👉 HOW are you?

👉 WHY are you not where you want to be yet?

👉 What's getting in the way?

Stop outsourcing TRUTH. Connect to the place inside of yourself that holds these answers, unique to your journey. You already have access to the best next step for you. That's the TRUTH.

You've got this,


P.S.  Stay tuned for more on this weekly No Straight Lines series!  I'll be unpacking one inspirational truth at a time on how to navigate the ups and downs of life 😎


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