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  • James McPartland

Have A Present-Filled New Year!

"Once we let go of our past mistakes and release the grip of our future fears - what is left for us to be so worried about?" — James McPartland

Access Point: Don't Worry, Be Present | Blog post by James McPartland | Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

As we begin a new year, let's be present.

Two short words, yet they speak volumes. Being present is one of life's greatest challenges. We are constantly distracted by the demands brought by the digital culture we live in today. A lot of things can pull us away from experiencing the life we truly deserve. The past is behind us, tomorrow is not promised and the only thing we can hold on to is the present. The gifts of life are always in the present moment-- moments that quickly pass us by when we are often not even conscious of it. Remaining in the present moment requires effort and commitment. It is not easy but the rewards outweigh the challenges. A life well-lived requires deliberate practice, heightened awareness, permission to fail and make errors, and a recognition that they call it "growing pains" for a reason. The past, like the future, is not a place we can take anyone to visit-- it only exists as a story in our head. And since we are the author of those stories, we have the power to modify the scripts and create many more present moment experiences. With that in mind, what is there really to worry about? Recent circumstances have made me appreciate every moment I get to share with the people in my life. I realize that for me to experience a well-lived life, I must make a conscious effort to be present and enjoy each moment because after everything has passed, the things that remain are memories. This coming year, let's make sure to create good ones. Don't worry, be present. Catch the gift of now. Have a present-filled new year, friends!


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