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  • James McPartland

Have the Courage to Let Go

“Our ideal future self is waiting for us just outside of our comfort zone.”

— James McPartland

Success is an intoxicating experience. We spend most of our time and energy in environments that often will reinforce that success for us. Compensation and trophies we receive for our hard work can lull us into becoming great, but there’s a genius level in every one of us beyond that.

If we would stretch ourselves and step outside of our comfortable, intoxicating environments of what we call “success”, what gear would become available to us? Ask yourself:

Who would I become?

What would I be best at in the world?

What would be possible if I step outside of my comfortable environment and stretch myself?

We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Here’s a visual that might help, that I myself come back to time and time again:

Imagine we are all swinging on vines in the jungles each of us operate in. Sometimes we get really comfortable on the vine that we’re swinging on. We’re around other characters on their vines, yet we know if we want to traverse across the jungle, we have to reach for another vine. Now we might get worried because that vine might not be as stable or strong as the one we’re on.

What if that vine isn’t secure and I fall to the jungle floor?

Yet, here’s the thing: In order to grow we’ve got to have the courage to reach for that next vine, so we have to have the courage to let go.

So friends, what do you need to let go of today?


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