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  • James McPartland

Staying True to Our Commitment

"To go all-in on something costs you nothing, yet it requires everything you've got."

— James McPartland

If you would like to discover a unique way to understand what you are truly committed to in your life, look at your results.

Taking 100% responsibility for all that happens to us in life allows us to operate from a source of power.

While we may not always be the direct cause of particular events, we can still hold ourselves accountable to them in ways that benefit us and those around us.

In the case of a lost loved one, for example, we can be responsible to them by honoring their life. Pursuing a cause in their name, spending valuable present moments with family members, or turning this loss into a gain by writing about the life lessons that this special individual left behind.

This level of commitment applies in all areas of our lives: from business outcomes, personal health, intimate relationships, financial security, friendships, spiritual growth, and personal development.

What are you committed to? Where have you put your word or made a promise that was intended to reflect an authentic commitment? Where are you all in, no matter the results?

Ideal team scenarios have us locking arms in pursuit of a goal, and yet that bond tends to hold up only until the going gets tough. When things get hard, our survival mechanism often kicks in and we unlock. It's how relationships fray.

Commitment starts with us. Clarity about who we are requires deep work, and inherent in this journey is learning to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability trains our emotional capacity, expanding our ability to feel all feelings. Clarity about our identity, knowing what we stand for, and taking 100% responsibility for our results further build the muscles of commitment.

These skills and character traits expand our boundaries so that when we are tested in an emotionally charged environment, we have the capacity to push past the pain and stay true to our commitments.


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