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  • James McPartland

Talking To Myself

"All the conversations I have are with myself, and sometimes they include other people."

— James McPartland

We talk to ourselves all day long-asking and answering questions, drawing conclusions, and approving decisions. Each day we reinforce the story we create - the one we refer to as "our life". Some say we tend not to see the world as it really is, but rather we see it as we see ourselves. We ultimately write the script that becomes our experience and worldview.

Our lives are the net result of the internal conversations we keep alive in our heads, the external discussions we drift in and out of, and the subsequent beliefs that become deeply embedded regarding "the way life is". Life truly is... a series of conversations.

The most meaningful conversation we have, and the most important meeting of our day, is the one we have with ourselves every morning. Each day we wake, we have a choice: react to the thermometer, or set the parameters of our thermostat. The former leaves us subject to whatever the day brings, while the latter determines the gauges and conditions we resolve ourselves to operate in.

Words have power, and conversation is the lifeblood of our most important relationships. No relationship is more important than the one we have with ourselves, and our life either succeeds or fails - one relationship at a time.

So go have a good chat with yourself. Everyone in your life will reap the benefit.


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