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  • James McPartland

The Revelation of Life's Results

"Who we think we are shows up on the field and in the results we receive.”

— James McPartland

The Revelation of Life's Results | James McPartland's Blog

“I've tried this and I've tried that, and I've tried this, and then that…”

Sound like you? I’ve had my days where it sounds like me.

In our work recently, an individual came to acknowledge they were pretty disappointed in themself for the results they were getting. All the energy, effort and focus was placed on changing their behaviors. They had “read this book, and did this worksheet, and went through this video, and practiced this exercise, and... “I Am Not. Getting. Results.”

I said “Pause. Let's take a look at this…”

Look at the results you got… Let's look at actions.

When we look at the actions we take consistently, day in and day out we do well to ask ourselves, are my results consistent with my actions?

Yes? From there, we can all reverse engineer the process. Starting with the results we’re getting, what precedes results are our actions.

But what precedes that? Our feelings. And what precedes that? Our thoughts. What triggers our thoughts? Our identity.

Who I think I am, or who I want you to think I am, is one of the strongest driving forces in the actions that I take, therefore leading to my life’s results.

Most of us focus on the actions we are taking and stop there. Yes, it is actions that produce results. But if you're not getting the results we’re looking for, my encouragement is to look backward to the feelings, thoughts, and the “I am” statements of identity.

Who you think you are, and who I think I am, shows up on the field in the game of life, and in the results we receive.


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