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  • James McPartland

The Secret to a High-Performance Life

"What do you need to do today that your future self with thank you for?"

- James McPartland

What type of person comes to mind when you think of a high performer? Is it someone at the top of their career? Someone who seems to have life altogether? Someone who is always positive and happy?

An individual that is living a high-performance life is someone who creates both external successes and has an ever-increasing level of internal well-being.

So how do you become a high performer?

High performers focus on the here and now. They aren’t caught up with anxiety about the future or reminiscing on the things that should have done in the past. They recognize that to become what they aspire to be, they need to be focused on the present and how they are living today to get there. They have a growth mindset and are creating and building into that future self.

High performers have a high level of awareness to stay in the present moment more often. So how do we focus on the present more often? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where am I starting from and where am I heading?

  • What is my barometer of success both internally and externally?

  • What habits do I need to instill today to get where I am headed?

  • How can I be fully self-expressed today?

Now now that you know what it takes to be a high performer, go on and stop thinking and start building into your future self today.

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