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  • James McPartland

What's Your Morning Ritual?

"People are lined up to create your reality for you if you do not create it for yourself."

- James McPartland

Businessman punching through a wall

Who owns your schedule, plans your activities, and influences the things that cause you to react to the people and events of the day? Does your morning begin with cell phone in one hand, and favorite coffee mug in the other? Are you busy being busy? Do you sometimes prioritize life by what has arrived in your inbox, or by the posts on social media that tell you you're falling short?

A sound morning ritual – one that has you prioritizing yourself – has an enormous impact on how your day unfolds. And since a day is a snapshot of a life in miniature, each day is quite significant in the grand scheme of things. If you win the morning, you win the entire day. If the first hour is your hour of power, that energy will empower you all day long. Win the minutes of each day by being present and deliberate with your moment by moment choices. This is how you master the day.

If we become governed by others and allow them to choose the courses of action we take in a day, they may provide some form of compensation, yet we will seldom feel rewarded. When we don't master the day, we become servants to what masters us. When we practice the art of mastering the day, we create our reality.


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