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  • James McPartland

Leading With Levity

“Purpose and laughter are the twins that must not separate. Each is empty without the other.”

– Robert K. Greenleaf, Founder of the Modern Servant Leadership movement

Have you ever considered “leading with levity”?

Too often we take ourselves, and our daily work, far too seriously. The average child at age four grins, smiles, or laughs over 400 times per day. By the time that child turns forty years old, that daily number of visible joy plummets to four times per day. Many of us assume that once we have “arrived”–when our hard work has really paid off–we will be happy and finally have the time to experience all of the joy that life has to offer. However, it stands to reason (and the research shows) that when people are happy, they are able to not only experience daily doses of joy, they live life “on purpose”, and accomplish incredible things in spite of obstacles. One cannot be fearful and grateful simultaneously.

Gratitude leads to happiness.Gratitude is a choice. It would seem we all have the power to choose to be happy. Finally, the largest block of muscles in the body resides in the face. And since we all know that exercise is good for us – practice laughter – it is a wonderful exercise for the face and tends to be contagious…

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