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  • James McPartland

Taking Action

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

– Jack London, Author

I have learned, and have frequently observed, that a key attribute to a high performance and successful life is a bias towards action. And, no significant accomplishments can be realized in life unless one takes serious action.

As a student of human performance, I have been consumed with understanding why it is that two equally capable people (teams, companies, or families) can have vastly different life results. One has amazing life experiences and successes, while the other seems to have endless struggle.

I see it as mindset and action orientation. Those who live a fantastic life and therefore witness powerful outcomes have the ability to experience a strong lack of desire to act on certain things that they believe would benefit them. Those who have marginal results can feel the same. The difference between the two, put simply, is that successful people do the things they don’t feel like doing.

Simple, just not easy..

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