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  • James McPartland

Set Your Focus To Possibility

“Argue for your limitation, and sure enough, they’re yours.”

- Richard Bach, Author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull

If you listen carefully to the words a person uses, you can learn a lot about what is possible in his or her life, and what their “rules” are for playing the great game of life. Everything begins, one way or another, with language.

When we, with great frequency, describe and define all that is wrong, we unintentionally reinforce and get more of that which is “wrong”. We drive neural pathways in our brain with our words and thoughts, and repeating the pain points is like laying fresh tar on those pathways each and every day.

Listen to words of great athletes, respected business executives, and world leaders. I promise, you will hear words of what is possible, the opportunities that exist, how they choose to learn from a setback, and how they intend for their world to unfold. Over time we can learn to focus on what we want – not on what we don’t want. What we focus on tends to show up in our life….

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