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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #46>

Access Point <The Resistance>

"Everything we seek on our life’s journey is on the other side of resistance."

- James K. McPartland

From a strength-training perspective, resistance serves to make a muscle bigger and stronger. From a life perspective, what we resist tends to get bigger and stronger. When confronted by events, people, or information that challenges us, we are inclined to resist that which goes against our belief systems or rules of how the game of life is to be played. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is worth considering what “it" is that we find ourselves resisting.

A great percentage of our beliefs are developed, and inherited, at a young age. These are the ones we adopt from parents, family members, teachers, coaches, and other role models in our lives. We essentially take on the beliefs others hold to be true. It is worth asking ourselves, from time to time, if we hold certain beliefs that no longer serve us. While we must know what we stand for, what we will not fall for, and what we highly value, it is easy to allow the “rules” of others to become our own.

The next time you find yourself triggered by an event, a person, or new information, ask yourself if you want the muscle formed by your resistance to grow bigger and stronger. There is a lot to be said for developing new muscles along the journey of life.

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