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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #56>

Access Point <Who Are You Around?>

“There are people who simply don’t want to make their lives better, they just want to make yours worse.”

- James K. McPartland

There is great learning in the study of life, and our own life experiences, when we see that who we are around is who we tend to become. People are contagious.Witness the vigorous effort we put forth in attempting to change someone when we see something inside of them that they themselves

don’t see. And yet if they do not see it, or they do not believe it, nothing changes. I have been told that you can’t send your ducks to eagle school. Each day we are bombarded by sensationalized negative information, and it takes conscious effort to sidestep these messages and our own participation in the subsequent supporting conversations. Freeway traffic builds when people slow down to see the results of an automobile wreck, yet will blow past a breathtaking sunset as most folks are busy being busy. Who in your life is a force for good? Who raises your game by how they play their own? Who inspires you to stretch, push past your fears, and tap deeper into your own potential? Do not play the comparison game by elevating another person's life. Instead ask yourself these questions:

- If we all get the same amount of time each day, how is this person allocating their time and energy?

- How could I re-prioritize my own time and energy?

- Are the people I spend the most time with endeavoring to help me make my life better?

And then ask one final question:

- Are there people in my life looking to make my life worse so that they feel better about their own?

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