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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #66>

Access Point <Great or Greatness?>

“You can never be truly great at work - if work is the only thing you are truly great at.”

- James K. McPartland

For a significant majority of us, our identity is linked to what we do professionally. It is where much of our time is spent, many of our relationships are built and a great deal of our accomplishments are recognized. However, work is what we do. It is not who we are. A life of “full-fill-ment”, meaning a life that is full and filled with multiple life shaping experiences, requires being clear on who we are and what we intend for our time here on Earth. It embodies the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components that inspire us to use our unique “gifts” in pursuit of executing our “life assignment.” That assignment, otherwise known as our life’s purpose, requires us to pursue excellence (not perfection) not only in work, but in contribution, community, relationships, personal growth, health, and gratitude.

We are offered an opportunity to renew our energy, focus, and commitment each day and we must respect and nourish our sources. While we must discover our purpose for our self, we do not deliver on it by our self. We must learn to be truly great at assembling our team of mentors, family members, coaches, and helpers who will enable us to stay on track. And to the end, be sure that each member of your support squad understands how they benefit by virtue of their participation.

Among this group, when you allow yourself to think deeply about it, there is an all powerful source that has put together the world that we operate inside of. Whether you call that Buddah, God, Creator, Quantum, Infinite Intelligence, or Supreme Being, it is valuable to consider that we have each been tasked with leaving this place a little - or a lot- better by our time here on Earth. While being great at work is important to the journey, by itself it can only lead us down a narrow road. That path will not empower us to be the best version of ourselves, nor amplify what we are here to contribute.

So if you truly want to be great at work, strive to be great at life. Consider where you want your life to lead you, how you will use your unique "gifts" and how the world will be a better place from your existence. Ultimately, you will not be remembered for what you do - but for who you are.

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