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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #68>

Access Point <Story Telling>

“The present moment is forfeited by an allegiance to the stories we tell about why things happened, what events mean, and how we must protect ourselves on the road ahead.”

- James K. McPartland

The quality of all that we experience is a reflection of our emotional condition. Fear has us trading presence for pretense as we cling to our stories - choosing to live in the past and to project that past into our future. Once we can feel without telling a story about what we are feeling, why we are feeling it, and what this means about our human experience, our capacity to live in the present accelerates. Gaining access to this occurrence requires us to be impeccable with our word and is illustrated by our commitment to who we intend to be in the world. Playing a bigger game in life sidesteps cause and effect. Creating something far bigger than ourselves has us work to cause our own effects, and to experience the moments of living a life fully self expressed.

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