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  • James McPartland

Access Points <Quote #73>

Access Point <Vulnerability>

“Vulnerability is the path to truth. You wouldn’t go to your physician for a thorough exam and refuse to remove your clothes, would you?”

- James K. McPartland

Sometimes the most difficult person to get to know is our self. And, most of the people in our life can see us better than we can see ourselves. Put another way, the person we tend to frequently fool is our self. Being vulnerable and learning about who we truly are, liberates energy and can prevent an identity crisis.

When we discover that who we are is in congruent with who we want others to think we are, we are presented with an opportunity to close the gap. Each of us is born with a special “gift”, unique to us, and we are given a lifetime to give away that “gift". That “gift” is a key ingredient in the makeup of our authentic self and is an enormous part of who we are.

Over the course of our life, who we are gives way to who we wind up being. When we close the gap we experience freedom, truth, self love, richer relationships, and fulfilling life experiences. Be you - for as you know - everyone else is already taken.

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