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  • James McPartland



"Words are part of a universal family where there are no orphans. Each of our words are related through a shared network of associations, and they magnify the experience we call life. How people and events occur to us are defined by our choice of words, and we can substitute the meanings and labels we create at any point in time. Watch your words and think about what you are thinking about. You have access to a global family of words that holds the key to living the life you one day hope to realize."

James McPartland

We can tell a whole lot about people by the words they use, the beliefs they express about how things are, and their explanation of why they are at where they are in life. Of all the elements that we may truly be able to control, our choice of words could be the most important. Words paint pictures and we all think in pictures. Words give meaning. Words create and words destroy. Words start companies, and words put companies out of business. Words lead to families and words can tear families apart. This list is endless.

Study the words of those who lead their life in a way you aspire to live your own. Listen to great athletes, CEO's, parents, and to those who live a life of significance. I believe you will hear words that speak of possibility, potential, and a strong sense of gratitude for the "gifts" that the journey has brought their way.

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