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  • James McPartland



"To create something far bigger than ourselves requires us to endure a journey of self discovery along the path to our destination. And, in pursuit to our ultimate goal, we usually find that the only available method of transportation is a leap of faith."

James McPartland

A hero is an individual who believes in the future more than the past, who sees what is on the way versus what is in the way. Each of us will never know how great we are until we step into the unknown. The road to bring anything into existence always begins with a thought, for how we think is everything.

Our thinking occupies our mind all day long, and our mind is the map to our future. When we haven’t defined our future, we are defined by our past and create stories to justify our present. Setting a powerful intention is tossing our future upstream and letting it flow back to us. As this experience unfolds what we get will be important - however - who we become is far more important because who we become can never be taken away from us.

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